Where to visit and the numbers to call

For Information on our services, please email contactus@musish.com, visit room 407 4th floor Pioneer house (Tuskys Pioneer), Moi Avenue, Nairobi to fill your details and make payment. Also, you may call 0202222804 or 0702929233 for assistance.

Dear test taker,

Please provide the following details to complete a registration for an exam we offer.

Desired Exam name:

1. Full Names (First, Middle and Last (in that order)):

2. Date of Birth (Day Month Year):

3. Email Address:

3.1 Postal Address:

4. Telephone number:

5. In what country/location do you hope to pursue your education?:

6. What is your desired field of study?:

7. What is your level of study?:

8. Native Country:

9. Native Language:

10. Country of Citizenship:

11. National ID or International Passport number:

12. Desired Exam test date:

13. Desired Exam test location (Please state if you will like to test outside Nairobi and we will call to discuss available locations and dates with you):;

Our Account information are as follows:

Bank Name: Kenya Commercial Bank
     Branch: Moi Avenue, Nairobi
     Account name: Musish Ventures Limited
     Account number: 1181390710

Bank Name: Barclays Bank
     Branch: Moi Avenue, Nairobi
     Account name: Musish Ventures
     Account number: 03075-2022522836
     Narrative: Customer Last Name

Please scan the payment slip, attach and return with the above stated information, then send as a response to this communication. You will receive a confirmation in the email address provided once your registration is complete. You are advised to print a copy of the ticket confirmation for your record and arrive at the exam center on the test day not later than 30 minutes before your test start time.

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